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BNS Ecosystem

BNS Tools


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  • Leather - Bitcoin & Stacks wallet available as a browser extension and desktop app
  • Xverse - Bitcoin & Stacks wallet available for Chrome, iOS, and Android
  • Ryder - a powerful and secure hardware wallet


Apps using BNS

The following apps are highlighted for their custom integrations of BNS, but there are many more that support signing in with your BNS name. Discover more apps

  • Owl Link - create a page and dedicated domain name linked to your .btc name
  • BTC Leaderboard - leaderboard for the most followed Twitter accounts with a .btc name
  • Boom - mint NFTs and manage all your Stacks assets
  • Console - a place for decentralized communities
  • BlockSurvey - collect and share data with privacy
  • Gamma - NFT marketplace with deep BNS integration
  • Pravica - multi-channel communication suite with end-to-end privacy
  • Sigle - decentralized and open-source writing platform
  • StacksOnChain - comprehensive data platform
  • Stacksboard - NFT powered billboard
  • Frens - grow better web3 communities

Developer tools

  • BNS Client - a Typescript/Javascript package with deep functionality for fetching data and interacting with BNS contracts
  • BNS API - and API service that provides information for BNS, BNSx, and more.
  • @stacks/bns - another JS package for interacting with the BNS contract
  • Stacks API
  • zone-file - a JS package for interacting with zonefiles